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Nexium and Prilosec 2018 Lawsuit Update – Call To File Now

Drug Injury

Nexium and Prilosec are some of the most commonly used proton pump inhibitors in the country. For years, news about the increased risk of renal or kidney failure attached to these medications was kept secret until thousands started experiencing the same. As of July of this year, there are more than 4,000 lawsuits filed by people just like you after discovering that these medications may have irreparably damaged one or both of their kidneys.

Are you looking for a Nexium and Prilosec lawsuit attorney? Our firm is currently representing individuals harmed by these and other medications. Special Nexium and Prilosec Class Action lawsuits known as multidistrict litigation suits are currently being consolidated so they can be heard at a later date. Now is the time to file your claim and benefit from our 70+ years of combined experience handling these and other cases. Simply call 1 (773) 825-3547 to speak with an attorney for free to discover the validity and true value of your case.

Arguments Brought Forward in The Nexium & Prilosec Lawsuits

At the moment, the gathering of evidence as well as discovery phase of these lawsuits is taking place at the New Jersey Federal Court. The claim brought forward by attorneys representing plaintiffs is that the manufacturers of these medications failed to warn you, the patient, as well as doctors on the increased risk of kidney failure as well as interstitial nephritis, a form of kidney disease, while taking these medications. In court filings, lawyers argue that these and other similar proton pump inhibitors are not only defective, but that they are unreasonably dangerous, and that there was negligence committed by manufacturers in the production of the medication. In addition, these pharmaceutical companies failed to not only test the medication, but to also warn you and physicians of known risks, and that they obfuscated or hid evidence of the dangers of these medications from both the public and the government.

Nexium Kidney Damage Statistics

Proton pump inhibitors such as Nexium and Prilosec are meant to be taken short term. However, in some cases, such as in instances where individuals have intractable heartburn, proton pump inhibitors are prescribed for years, or indefinitely. New research has however shown that individuals using these medications in a chronic manner were 20 to 50 percent more likely to suffer chronic kidney disease when compared to those who did not use said medications.

By filing a Nexium and Prilosec lawsuit, you may be able to collect compensation for the following:

  • Past and future wage loss
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering, both physical and mental
  • Punitive damages

Nexium Settlements and Payouts Update

Given the newness of these cases, there have been no Nexium settlements to date that have been publicized. This is because these cases must go through something called Bellwether trials where these cases are tried before a jury in order to get an idea of their validity as well as potential payouts going forward. That being said, this is not the first time AstraZeneca, the makers of proton pump inhibitors such as Nexium, has been in trouble with the law. In 2016, it paid the USDoJ $7.9 million as a penalty when it was exposed for paying pharma reps and medical representatives to push its medications to the consumer. The pharma giant has also been involved in numerous other lawsuits both domestically and internationally where it has been accused of employing deceptive marketing practices  and providing misleading information so it could protect its patent on some of its medications sold overseas.

Nexium Recall News

To date, there hasn’t been a Nexium or Prilosec recall. It is important to know that the majority of the over 15 million Americans who currently use proton pump inhibitors are unaware of the nephrotoxic or kidney damaging effects of these medications. As news spreads, more people will seek medical assistance and join in litigation so they can recover compensation as victims of these drugs which were once hailed as miracle drugs for heartburn and associated conditions. It is thought that these medications are overprescribed, and as many as a quarter of the people taking them could stop taking proton pump inhibitors and not see a return of their gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Experienced Nexium & Prilosec Lawyers – Call Now!

If you believe you’ve been harmed by Nexium or Prilosec, we can help. Please give us a call NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 for more information on your legal options for compensation. Remember, the call is free, and you’re not obligated to have us take on your case. While filing is still at an early stage, timely filing will give us sufficient time to glean the extent of your injuries and come up with a compelling case on your behalf so you can receive maximum compensation. Please call 1 (773) 825-3547 – experienced Nexium and Prilosec attorneys are standing by. We look forward to hearing from you.