Did You Doctor Fail To Diagnose Your Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer diagnosed in men in the country, almost going head to head with breast cancer diagnoses in any given year. Over 200,000 men are diagnosed with this life-threatening neoplasm, and about 30,000 die each year. While digital exams usually catch any abnormal growths in men during their physicals, there are instances where a man is deprived of treatment due to the negligent actions of a doctor, leading to the cancer becoming malignant and spreading to other parts of the body, resulting in further health complications or the loss of life.

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Prostate Cancer – Predisposing Factors and Treatment

The older men get, the more likely they will suffer from prostate cancer. This could be due to cellular changes and the buildup of errors within an individual’s genes resulting in irregular cell division thereby precipitating cancerous cells, or they could develop the condition on account of not emptying the prostate gland as advised by doctors in order to get rid of any fluid that may attract cellular debris, a perfect breeding ground for cancer. That being said, prostate cancer can be successfully treated if caught early, which is why prostate exams are advised in men who are past a certain age in order to prevent the disease before it has a chance to take root.

Prostate Cancer Exam and Tests – What You Must Know

Prostate exams involve something called a digital rectal exam (DRE) where a doctor inserts a finger into a patient’s rectum in order to get to the upper wall adjacent to the bladder to feel for any bumps, enlargement or lumps since the prostate and bladder are adjacent to each other. In addition, they use a prostate specific antigen test to detect whether the prostate is producing a specific compound which is seen in men who present with prostate cancer. Taken in concert, these two tests can diagnose up to 90 percent of all prostate cancer cases. There is, however, a possibility for unclear or incorrect results if only one test is performed, which is why it is vital to have them done together.

Negligence in prostate cancer lawsuits may be due to:

  • Failure to inform the patient that their tests came back positive for prostate cancer
  • Failure to prescribe the right medication for the cancer
  • Failure to prescribe the right dosage of medication
  • Treating the patient for a different and unrelated condition such as a UTI
  • Failure to follow up with a biopsy
  • Failure to recommend prostate exams to at-risk patients
  • Failure to communicate their findings to other medical professionals who see the patient

Injuries associated with failure to diagnose prostate cancer include:

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Inoperable neoplasm
  • Chronic, intractable cancer pain
  • Loss of organs
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Having to pay for costly treatment due to cancer metastasis
  • Lost wages
  • Extended recovery pain
  • Loss of life

Prostate Cancer Lawyers – Call Now For Help!

Cancer is a traumatic and touchy subject because it affects not only the patient, but their loved ones as well. While no amount of money damages can make up for the fact that a loved one died due to something that was preventable, the financial burden their death leaves behind shouldn’t be something that any family has to endure. If you went into remission, you deserve to be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, disability, emotional and physical pain. If you or someone you know suffered injuries or lost their life due to prostate cancer misdiagnosis, call us NOW1 (773) 825-3547. The call is free, and you’re not obligated to have us take on your case. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.