Organ Transplant Error Lawsuits – Do I Have a Case?

Medical Malpractice

Organ transplantation is a sensitive subject due to the rarity of certain organs, the long waiting list, the potential for failure and rejection as well as the astronomical costs associated with the whole process. Early last year, an organ transplant scandal rocked the country when the government passed a directive stating that distance and urgency would be two of the main determinants of who would get a liver from a deceased donor. In addition, organ transplant surgeries are very risky procedures that can lead to multi-organ injury and even death if the process is done in a manner that is negligent.

Are you looking for an organ transplant lawsuit attorney? If you suffered complications after receiving a major organ and believe that the operating surgeons, the nurses involved in after-care, or the hospital management were negligent in any way or should have acted within a reasonable time-frame to mitigate complications, you may be able to file an organ transplant errors lawsuit. Please contact our organ donation lawsuit attorneys NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 to learn more about your legal options on compensation; the call is free, and there’s no obligation to have us take on your case if you don’t like your first consultation with us.

Organ Transplants: The Long Wait and The Complications

The issue of organ transplantation is usually a sensitive one with emotions running high for both the recipient and their loved ones. There’s usually a mandatory waiting time especially for organs such as the liver, and one must live on the edge of the proverbial seat as they wait anxiously for information that an organ is now available for them. It therefore can be very disheartening when they finally receive the donated organ only to find out it had a prior infection or was so diseased that they would have fared better with their original organ. The issue of incompatibility is also very common when it comes to organ transplant lawsuits because organs such as kidneys carry a huge failure rate due to the donor’s immune system rejecting the implanted organ.

Some of the most donated organs in the country include:

  • The kidneys
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Bone marrow

Organ Donation Laws

Thanks to a law passed in 1968, donating an organ is a right afforded to all citizens. However, in order to donate said organs, one must be of sound mind, they must be 18 years or older, they cannot sell said organs, and they can revoke their organ donation decision at a later date without facing any penalties or legal consequences.

Kidney Transplant Statistics

Kidneys are some of the most transplanted organs in the country, with over 100,000 people currently on the countrywide waiting list. One has to wait an average of 3.6 years before a match is found, and over 70 percent of these kidneys come from individuals who have already passed on.

Organ Transplant and Medical Malpractice

When it comes to organ transplantation lawsuits, there must be an element of negligence if your case is ever going to be accepted as valid and having merit by a Judge. You must show that your physicians acted in a manner that is not congruent to how other physicians would have reasonably acted, thereby causing your injuries due to their negligence. For instance, not screening the donor or the recipient of any and all health complications by not taking a full and extensive medical history, not handling post-operative infections or high blood pressure in a timely manner, failing to prescribe anti-rejection medication in a timely manner and other negligent acts can all be seen as negligence that is compensable under personal injury law’s medical malpractice branch.

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