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Heart disease is still one of the major causes of death worldwide, and even though aggressive sensitization campaigns regarding proper diet and lifestyle change has led to the rolling back of cardiovascular disease mortality, a lot of people are still living with chronic heart disease in one way or the other. A stent is a tiny device surgically implanted into the bodies of these individuals which seeks to rectify blood flow in the heart, thereby preventing the occurrence of a heart attack. Heart disease often precedes the narrowing of major arteries which can then lead to a serious health event.

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It is estimated that over 7 million Americans currently are living with stents or have lived with one at one time in their lives. These stents have cost insurance companies over $110 billion, and are fraught with medical risks.

Some of the risks associated with cardiac stents include:

Stents May Be Unnecessary

It is estimated close to 6 percent of individuals getting a stent go on to suffer complications. In addition, various prestigious journals have come out with literature stating that these devices are unnecessary, and in some cases, even worsen the condition they are seeking to treat.

Heart Stent Injuries May Require Heart Bypass Surgery

It is recommended by health organizations in the country that cardiac stents are not used unless the patient’s arteries are over 70 percent blocked as there are other treatment modalities that may be safer and work better. In addition, over-stenting has been shown to lead to an emergency bypass surgery due to massive arterial wall damage, as well as putting a patient on blood thinners, in some cases, indefinitely, which increases risk of dying from hemorrhage.

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