Two year recap

This e-mail marks the 24th e-mail in the Third Thursday series. I guess you must be getting some use out of it if you haven’t unsubscribed yet. What started out as an e-mail to my referring attorneys has grown into something much larger. While my referring attorneys still receive the Third Thursday newsletter, I have […]

The Twelve Week Year

I’ve read a great little book recently called “The 12 Week Year.” It’s very short, about 50 pages of large print. I am going to condense it even more in this column. The book is 50 pages because no one would buy it if it was any shorter. But truth be told, it is a […]

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

Cost Savings at the Office Among the many things I learned from the first lawyer I worked for, was, “keep your overhead low.” I find myself repeating this advice to young attorneys, even as I struggle to do so myself. Let’s face it, expenses of running a law firm continue to escalate. There is always […]

Legal Malpractice Cases

Has a lawyer ruined your case? If so, you now want justice, and this article explains how to get it.  Of course, we are assuming you made the mistake of hiring someone other than McCready Law the first time!  So what exactly is legal malpractice? But first, let’s start at the beginning. Someone damaged you, […]

Dog bite settlement reached despite initial denial

Recently, we reached a dog bite settlement in a case which the insurance adjuster originally denied.  It is very common for insurance adjusters to deny liability in dog bite cases, claiming our client”provoked” the dog or was in some way responsible for being attacked. Fortunately, we know the law and take the matter to court […]

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