Biography – Melissa Griffith

Melissa is Stephanie Leet’s paralegal, the only attorney at the firm that handles our Federal Workman’s Comp cases. She is proud to work with deserving clients from all over the USA, so if you are a postal worker, customs officer, or even an FBI agent injured on the job, Melissa is ready to help fight […]

Biography – Tyler Laski

Tyler is one of our paralegals and has been with us since May 2017. He mostly works with settlements, so he’s a part of organizing our clients’ bills towards the end of the claims process. His main job is to collaborate with our partners by contacting the hospitals and doctors offices that care for our […]

Biography – Erika Santana

As our receptionist, Erika is the first person you’ll talk to when you call our office. She’s in charge of directing your questions and concerns to the right people, sorting our mail, ensuring paperwork arrives on the correct desk, and generally acting as a pair of helping hands around the office. She’s been with us […]

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