A Complete Guide on Suing HOA For Negligence

Premises Liablity

If you live in an apartment block, a condo, or a gated community, chances are you have a Homeowner’s Association that lays down certain rules and makes it possible for you to have access to certain amenities and common areas for your convenience. Homeowner’s Associations charge a fee that can either be paid monthly or yearly in order to facilitate access and the upkeep of these amenities as well as ensure that the community is taken care of with regard to security. Suing HOA Management Company for negligence is something the average Illinois resident doesn’t anticipate doing, but it is something that one should have knowledge about should they get injured due to HOA maintenance responsibilities being shirked for one reason or the other.

Are you looking for information on HOA management company lawsuits? If you or a loved one were injured due to HOA not enforcing rules equally, the association not repairing broken amenities in a timely manner, or poor supervision or facilities handled by HOA, we can help. Contact our HOA lawsuits attorneys NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 for more information on your legal options for compensation. The call is 100% FREE, and we take on cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are no fees until we win your HOA lawsuit.

HOA Negligence

HOA management is responsible for external common areas such as the pool, a basketball or tennis court, a rooftop terrace if one is present, laundry rooms and general eating or entertainment areas. They are required to maintain these areas in a manner that is seen as reasonable, as well as inform residents of the condo or cul-de-sac of any hazards or repairs in writing or by placing clear, visible signs so that residents can avoid them. Failure to do so constitutes negligence which, if it leads to someone suffering injuries, is grounds for an HOA lawsuit in Illinois.

Some of the most common reasons individuals file HOA lawsuits include:

  • Failing to make repairs even when they’ve been informed about potential trouble areas
  • Harassment on account of age, race, sexual preference, marital status or disability
  • Violating contracts such as leasing a whole floor to a noisy business or studio even when the contract said that noise will not be tolerated
  • Pet disputes where the HOA management lets tenants keep aggressive dogs that pose a risk to young children and adults alike

HOA Lawsuits in Illinois – Do You Qualify for Compensation?

Filing a claim against your HOA will start by talking to our HOA lawsuit attorneys in Chicago to find out if we can establish a burden of proof by examining the circumstances surrounding your case. We will examine if there was a duty or care, and if it was breached, directly leading to your injuries. HOA agreements usually come with insurance policies that cover things like slip and falls. That being said, by working with a lawyer for HOA lawsuits in Chicago, you’ll be able to establish that gross negligence played a central role in your injuries, thereby qualifying you for substantial compensation.

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