Avilene is a bright spot in our Chesterton office.

Known for being fashion forward, she considers herself very feminine. She enjoys experimenting with the newest beauty trends, so her makeup skills put us all to shame. She also likes sporting fun nail colors from her collection of nearly 150 polishes. Avilene even has a custom stand to display the color-coded bottles – it’s truly a sight to behold! She uses the spare bedroom in the apartment she shares with her longtime boyfriend, Tim, as a closet. As you can tell, she’s very committed to fashion.

After attending community college, she transferred to Valparaiso University where she earned her BA in English in 2013. She loved her time there and studied a wide-range of subjects from adolescent literature to Shakespeare and everything in between. She was very active on campus: she participated in mock trials and in the Student Senate as a Minority Senator, served as the Phi Beta Lambda (Future Business Leaders of America) secretary and LIVE’s (Latinos in Valparaiso for Excellence) event coordinator, and more.

As a former English major, Avilene loves to read. She is currently reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, but her all-time favorites are books like The Secret, The Book Thief, and last, but certainly not least, Dracula. She loves it because of the historical aspects and suspense – which is probably why her all-time favorite TV shows are Breaking Bad and Forensic Files. Although she will admit that How to get away with Murder, after having completed a year of law school, can be a little frustrating at times. The rules of evidence in real life don’t work like they do on the show!

At the firm, Avilene puts her legal skills to work by helping Mr. McCready and Mr. Garcia with their cases, making sure there are no outstanding tasks around the office. She checks in with all of our clients to see how their treatment is going and makes sure that their medical records and bills are requested once they are done treating to ensure they are fairly compensated. Avilene is the liaison between our clients and the office.

Avilene is a family girl, through and through. She considers her mother, Veronica, her best friend, and loves the fact that she can talk to her about anything. She has two younger siblings: a brother who is a junior at DePaul University and a 13-year-old sister who is excited to start high school soon. She gets along great with her siblings and cherishes the fact that she can give them guidance as they navigate school and their futures.

Born in Mexico, Avilene moved to Waukegan, IL when she was very little and grew up there. Spanish is her first language, but she caught onto English quickly by taking bilingual classes in elementary school. She keeps close to her Mexican roots by jamming to Romeo Santos on Pandora and constantly craving mango (her favorite fruit) with tajin and lime. She hasn’t been able to find a place that serves this in Indiana – so if you know of one, please tell her!

Avilene is happy to be working a little closer to home. Although she enjoyed her former paralegal jobs, she had a daily commute of nearly 2 hours each way! She loves the atmosphere at McCready, Garcia, & Leet and likes to fill all her newfound spare time with exercise, family, and good food.