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Some of us radiate a next-level type of vibe, and that’s Courtney. So full of life, smiles, and all things positive, she is truly a wonderful person to be around. Somehow, she manages to leave her busy life at home to come and deliver her best attributes to our firm. Acting as our intake specialist, Courtney is essentially a case traffic specialist. She directs the flow and gets it done with grace and speed without even breaking a nail. Courtney adores getting her nails done- they are always party-perfect.

When asked what she most wanted people to know, she replied, “My children are my world.”

Her favorite actor is Mark Wahlberg and she loves to collect pens. She says her favorites are a brand called Dr. Grips – (Maybe we all need to go in search of these.)  In her spare time, she delivers her A-game in the way of sportsmanship and assists in coaching kids in various activities. True to her sports background, Courtney rocks her Nike Air Force One flagship tennis shoe’s like no one’s business. She has an extensive collection and says this is her go-to for sports and casual wear.

Courtney self-describes herself as funny and light-hearted, however, she exhibits a beautiful silent empathy about her that crept out ever-so-slightly during our staff interviews.  She spoke of her Father who is struggling with Alzheimer’s. Stated with a great deal of emotional restraint, she says she takes it all in stride, but she carries him in her heart with her every day.

The true strength of a person is how they carry the things that can weigh them down and we love Courtney because she is not only strong, but resilient. It is so difficult being a single Mom, working full-time, caring for ailing family members, but she makes holding down the fort at home and here at the firm seem effortless. She is a huge asset to our team here at the firm and we honor her and her amazing energy.