Erika is as poised and kind-hearted as they come and plays an integral role of an acting Paralegal at our law firm. Her scope of duty involves heavy case related paperwork and overseeing the transition from case-opening to the litigation phase. She earned her degree in Political Science from Governors State University and is currently enrolled in Loyola University, Chicago to complete her paralegal certification.  Our firm is delighted to have Erika on our legal team, as we find her to be both approachable and competent.

Like most proud Chicago natives, it goes without saying Erika loves a good slice of Chicago-style pizza and is shameless about indulging her sweet tooth from time to time. She is passionate about sharing time with family and friends and enjoys a simple lifestyle. On most days of the week, you are most apt to find her working out, as she is very disciplined about maintaining a high level of fitness. Many would be surprised to know she enjoys water sports such as water polo and actually did a stint as a life-guard. It is apparent to us she brings this immense level of discipline to our firm and our clients benefit tremendously from her ability to focus intently on our firm’s goals and objectives.

For the ultimate relaxation she admits to wandering around Target when retail therapy is required. She also confesses her favorite TV indulgence is the show Dexter or other true crime dramas. Erika states her favorite movie of all time is Pulp Fiction. Chances are if you are cruising around the firm, you will know it is Erika’s desk, because of her infamous red Guinness embossed mug. (We all have our magic totems.) On the other hand, if we don’t see her at her desk on one of those super hectic days, we know she’s probably flown the coup to her favorite restaurant, “Fry the Coup.”  Lastly, Erika’s honest approach to life is exemplified best by her favorite quote, “Liars never prosper and cheaters never win.”