This blazer loving lady is blazing trails all over the courtroom floor. Unsurprisingly, Hannah always knew being an attorney was the perfect career for her – and we are so honored she chose our firm to display her enthusiasm. However, our firm is forced to share her enthusiasm with her alma-mater, the University of South Carolina. As such, it isn’t uncommon to see a USC Gamecocks Banner floating in the background of any Zoom sessions held with Hannah, so be prepared. Additionally, Hannah graduated from law school at John Marshall Law School and was the appointed Student Bar Association President.

This young woman is truly fascinating to know. Among her many WOW factors lie many hidden talents, such as the lost art of cursive writing and social grace that mirrors a modern-day Emily Post etiquette. An in-depth conversation with Hannah might include learning about her abroad studies in Kenya or maybe her ideas about reinventing our political party systems. She is also highly devoted to her family and friends but might be inclined to ditch them all to attend a Taylor Swift concert. She loves Taylor.

If Hannah has a flaw, maybe it is that she doesn’t like avocados, which is fine, as it just means the guacamole goes a little further on potluck days. To take a more serious tone, we are very excited to have her a part of our legal team. She seems to have the bravery of her Navy Pilot Father and all the discipline necessary to make it work towards ideal outcomes for our clients. They speak well of Hannah and appreciate her ability to explain every facet of the legal process in a way they can understand.

It takes a patient attorney to lean-in and take on some of our toughest legal cases, and Hannah does this well. Lastly, we felt it was worth noting that Hannah has a slightly uncommon bucket list item, and it’s isn’t for the faint of heart. She wants to fly with the Blue Angels in formation. If this doesn’t say all it needs to, then we don’t know what does.

Recognitions and Certifications