Kelly Carter is Michael McCready’s executive assistant. Although Kelly has only worked for the company for a short time, what she lacks in tenure, she makes up for in personality, humor and reliable work. Kelly comes to McCready Law Firm from an executive assistant position in the merger and acquisition field and her host of other C Level assistant jobs before entering law.  These jobs have equipped her well for the fast paced, and often forward-thinking nature of her current role. The qualities that make her a strong executive assistant are also the qualities that make her a great friend: she’s observant, easily accessible and is great at championing a team ethic.

When she is not busy assisting Michael McCready, Kelly is painting. She’s been an avid painter since the age of twelve. Her favorite medium is oil and her favorite style is abstract, with a lot of color thrown in. Although she enjoys painting in her free time, Kelly also confesses that one of the best parts of her job is working remote. Often times, Kelly can be found completing her work while blaring music so loudly that it rattles the walls. Even better, Kelly has a specific genre of music for every type of project. For high energy projects, Kelly prefers hip-hop, while rock and roll is what she listens to during a long or arduous task, and its jazz all the way when she’s working on something creative. Although blaring music is an upside of working remote, Kelly does explain that her work setting is a bit non-traditional, and that can present a unique set of challenges. She’s thankful that she and her boss work well together and are able to joke through small technological mishaps. The firm isn’t surprised that someone as upbeat, kind and helpful as Kelly loves to rock out and is also great at connecting with people.

Kelly’s favorite thing about the company is the culture and passion the firm embodies for those they represent. Helping injured people is a lofty undertaking and Kelly believes that her law firm is that much more effective because of their dedication and devotion to fairly helping clients.

Kelly’s love for artistry travels beyond painting and music and bleeds into architecture. An interesting fact about Kelly is that she used to be a Chicago Architecture Foundation docent, educating tour groups about Chicago, its famous architecture and the history behind the city’s buildings. This work not only strengthened her public speaking skills, but also bolstered her natural confidence, a character trait necessary in an effective executive assistant. So, if you’re looking for some great tips and architecture tours of Chicago, or to listen to the latest rock and roll hit, Kelly can help you out.