Every business needs a front runner. They are the person a client or customer will see first. Our front runner or receptionist is Lily, and she is quite possibly the kindest soul in all of Chicago. Her personality is one of those best represented in her hard-working attitude and ability to give of herself selflessly.

Lily is known for giving solid advice and being very open-minded about just about everything. Additionally, she is quite organized and handles stressful situations well, which makes her the ideal first-contact person for our firm. We feel quite lucky to have her. Our pride is more than likely second to what her family holds for her. Raised by a single Mom, it is no wonder she proudly states her Mother is her first and only hero.

Lily says her idea of R&R is a tv binge session of Prison Break with something sweet to munch on nearby. She also loves Volleyball, Hispanic cuisine, and reading adventure novels. We also have it on good

account that Lily is quite the dancer – the company Xmas party cannot come fast enough for us to catch a glimpse of her in action.

The neat thing is, if she calls in sick, she probably won’t be too hard to find. Her favorite getaway is a day on the beach, and while she loves the ocean, Lily refuses to go in! Truthfully, our firm is so delighted with her, so we would probably give her a pass and join her! We truly value your service, Lily.