Meet Sarah, our case manager and in-house smile therapist. She displays a lightness that is refreshing and self-describes herself as goofy. In our industry, laughter is truly the best medicine, so we don’t mind at all. When she was growing up, she even had visions of becoming a stand-up comedian. At the young age of 12, she auditioned for a local talent agency. She still loves comedy, just not as much as her long hair, she often jokes. Cutting her hair is off the menu for all the stylists in her area.

We are glad she brought her talents to McCready, Garcia & Leet. She handles her duties with grace and ease – finding ways to better assist our clients however possible. Her responsibilities are to facilitate continued client treatment plans and also to act as a liaison for questions and concerns. Essentially, she holds our client’s hand throughout the entire case management process.

As a sentimental expression, she carries in her arsenal, her late Father’s gift of optimism. When asked about her hero, she is quick to tell you – it was he who taught her the importance of making people smile, regardless of what you may be going through. We feel that our clients really appreciate being the recipient of her positive demeanor.

Sarah demonstrates a true passion for the law. After doing a stint as a 911-operator, she learned a lot about herself and how much she truly loved helping people. Obsessed an itsy-bit with true crime dramas, she no doubts found her niche here at our firm. Her colleagues find her reliable and approachable. If the firm decides to throw a pot-luck, we all know to bring mashed potatoes (an Irish girl go-to food of choice).

As a busy student at Southern New Hampshire University and also a Mother, she rarely gets spare time. However, when the quiet moments come, Sarah loves to indulge in chocolate and a few episodes of her favorite sitcom The Office. She even manages to schedule a time for her favorite podcast now and again. Sarah’s favorite quote is: “Discipline equals Freedom” based upon the influential book by Jocko Willink.