This avid soccer player never drops the ball – literally. Vivianna is our firm’s multi-tasking receptionist and she literally sparkles as she directs hectic phone traffic all day. We don’t know how she does it, but nevertheless, we are elated to have an individual who exhibits such eloquence and composure working on our behalf.

Vivianna is a striking young woman with super long hair and a caring personality to match. She loves her Hispanic roots and is truly devoted to her family. She is currently a college student and planning on entering the field of Radiology. Her says her claim to fame is her LOUD voice and her rockstar quality cakes and confections. if you need a birthday cake, she’s your girl!

She is native to Chicago and enjoys spending time with friends and listening to music. However, in her time away from school and work, Vivianna can be found in the indoor soccer arena. She is a serious enthusiast and we wouldn’t be surprised if her favorite Nike soccer gear isn’t shoved in one of our unused office drawers for quick midday workouts.

This fit young lady isn’t afraid of a good meal either and says Italian is her preferred go-to meal choice for refueling. She loves pizza. It is also note-worthy that she isn’t afraid to fly and spread her wings a bit. Vivianna captured the travel bug after she went on her first big trip abroad to Barcelona, Spain. She says she can’t wait to add more stamps to her passport because traveling opened up her eyes and heart to all the possibilities in life. Her experience seems to resonate beautifully with her favorite quote, “You live and you learn.”

This eagerness to explore the world on her own terms might be one of her biggest assets, it takes courage to leave your comfort zone and venture out into the world. We are just glad she is stateside and lending her youthful energy to our firm culture. And let’s not forget the fact we might find delicious cake in our break rooms on any given day. How many firms can say they have their own in-house baker!