Appendicitis Malpractice Lawyers

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Appendicitis refers to the inflammation of a vestigial organ found in the lower right side of your abdomen. In some individuals, this organ fills with food debris or bacteria, leading to an infection that can be life-threatening if left unchecked over a 24 hour period. Appendicitis treatment involves surgery to remove the offending organ in order to clear the infection so that the individual can heal. Appendicitis malpractice lawyers can help you get compensated if you had your condition misdiagnosed or the organ partly removed, leading to an ongoing infection.

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Appendicitis Malpractice

Appendicitis produces searing pain that is usually symptomatic of a raging infection. What makes appendicitis so dangerous is the fact that the infection has the potential to spread to other organs as well as the bloodstream, causing sepsis which can be fatal. To this end, appendicitis doctors must work hard to not only accurately diagnose you, but to also have you booked for surgery the moment you go into the ER. Patients presenting with atypical symptoms are more likely to be victims of appendicitis misdiagnosis in a hospital. These include children, women who are pregnant or of a childbearing age, as well as the elderly. In addition, men may become victims of appendicitis misdiagnosis, with doctors opining that they may be suffering from diverticulitis, or colitis.

Appendicitis Malpractice and Standard of Care

Doctors are held to something called a standard of care which holds them accountable for accurately diagnosing you as well as providing treatment for appendicitis. Typically, a judge or jury would see whether another doctor in the same specialty would take the same steps in order to resolve this medical emergency. This means that even though your doctor may have made a mistake diagnosing and treating your appendicitis, the onus is on legal professionals to show that another doctor wouldn’t have made the same mistake during treatment.

Here’s Why You Need To Act Fast

Medical malpractice claims such as those that involve botched appendicitis procedures usually have a very small time window within which an individual must file a claim, also known as the statute of limitations. This is why it’s highly recommended that you get in touch with an appendicitis malpractice lawyer as soon as you notice that you have complications in order to preserve your rights.

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