April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

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It is estimated that distracted driving costs the government $129 billion every year by way of catastrophic accidents. Cell phones have become more pervasive in our waking lives, and it is estimated that most of us check our phones at least 20 times a day. While technology keeps us connected and enriches our lives, nothing can take the precedence of driving due to the level of attention one is required to pay while on the road.

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April is National Driving Awareness Month

April has been for a number of years now been designated as National Distracted Driving Awareness month to inform the public on the dangers of this very pervasive trend. The House of Representatives passed this directive back in March of 2010 in an effort to have stakeholders join hands to stem the rise of this phenomenon as well as institute and enforce regulations to punish perpetrators.

WABC Investigative Report Reveals The Extent of Distracted Driving

Investigative reporting carried out by ABC New York last year revealed how common distracted driving is on our roads. The news station put up traffic cameras along a major New York transport artery and caught dozens of drivers using their cell phones on the road. In one case, the cameras caught a truck driver using multiple phones to take calls in tandem as while he navigated his way through traffic.

The WABC investigative team then asked a National Transportation Safety Board official if there was enough being done with regard to fining and punishing drivers who engaged in distracted driving. The official conceded to the fact that rule enforcement just wasn’t as being taken seriously by both the federal body and law enforcement.

Distracted Driving Statistics

It is estimated that distracted driving causes more than 6,000 deaths countrywide, with 500,000 injuries occurring due to the practice. In addition, truck drivers are overrepresented when one looks at catastrophic car accidents that occurred due to distracted driving.

National Safety Council and Distracted Driving Pledge

The National Safety Council is currently tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that distracted driving incidents are eliminated. An official who was interviewed to commemorate this year’s Distracted Driving month said these accidents are 100 percent preventable. The official also added that 7 percent of drivers admit to the fact that they still use their cell phones while driving.

Janet Froestscher, NSC President said that while many are cognizant of the dangers of distracted driving, they still use their cellphones while driving. She added that the agency hopes that drivers all around the country would consider taking the Distracted Driving Pledge to help keep our roads safe all year round.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 crashes on our roads are as a result of distracted driving. In addition, hands-free devices do not help as it’s not the phone itself that is distracting you from the task at hand, but the conversation. Remember, no phone conversation is worth risking your life or that of other drivers and pedestrians.

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