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In today’s image-conscious society, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles give the appearance of aging, and the vagaries that come with it. In order to remain desirable, men and women alike are choosing to have a toxin injected into their muscles in order to paralyze them and smoothen out the problematic lines and wrinkles. Botox stands for botulinum toxin, a type of substance that is produced by bacteria which acts as a neurotoxin that can paralyze muscles for a long period of time. It is injected by specialized physicians such as plastic surgeons, and even though it is primarily meant to be injected in the face, some physicians are pushing the envelope and injecting it in patient’s necks, private areas and anywhere else that is prone to forming wrinkles and showing the signs of aging. In addition to cosmetic purposes, Botox has been used successfully in the treatment of certain migraines and was recently approved by the FDA for the same. Even though Botox has become popular and mainstream, it is not without risk: cases of respiratory depression, paralysis and even death have happened, which has put the substance in the eyes of the authorities as something that should only be administered in a careful manner by qualified professionals. If you suffered injury due to a Botox injection, you have every right to file a lawsuit, and we’re here to help with that.

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If the Botox injection is improperly done, it can cause the following side-effects.

  1. Excessive tearing
  2. Drooping of one or both eyelids
  3. A crooked smile or eyebrows
  4. Dry eye syndrome.

Severe Botox Side-Effects

Unfortunately, Botox may cause serious systemic reactions such as throat muscle paralysis, making it difficult to speak, breathe or even swallow food. This may then lead to the possibility of aspiration pneumonia which if not caught in a timely manner, can lead to a massive infection and even sepsis.

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