Biography – Melissa Griffith

Melissa is Stephanie Leet’s paralegal, the only attorney at the firm that handles our Federal Workman’s Comp cases. She is proud to work with deserving clients from all over the USA, so if you are a postal worker, customs officer, or even an FBI agent injured on the job, Melissa is ready to help fight for you.Melissa Griffith

There are two main reasons Melissa loves being a part of the McCready, Garcia, & Leet team:

First, she’s an administration whiz. Number crunching? No problem. Complicated paperwork? Bring it on! Melissa brings a passion for organization to her job, so clients can be sure that nothing will be lost in the shuffle.

Second, she loves helping people! She says there’s nothing quite like being a part of the team that gets people the support and closure they deserve. Federal Workman’s Comp can be a long process, but Melissa makes the most of it by really taking the time to get to know her clients and understand their needs along the way.

Melissa GriffithShe has been happily married for nine years with a 14-year-old son who is her whole world and well on his way to becoming a football star. He’s been raised in Indiana, so his NFL dreams are full of the Indianapolis Colts, while Southside native Melissa is more of a Bears fan.

Before joining our team, she worked at the YMCA for nearly ten years in a high-level administrative role. She loved her time there, but she was ready to make a transition. She was drawn to our firm because she wanted to work in a positive environment. Won over by our high BBB rating and an employee handbook that emphasizes what’s right, we couldn’t be prouder to have her on our team.

Melissa’s commitment to character and positivity really shines through in all aspects of her life. She regularly hosts three-hour family game nights, faithfully attends each of her son’s football games, and even takes a family trip to Disney World every two or three years (although she’d love to be able to visit more often… she even has a Cinderella on her desk as a reminder).

And if you were wondering about her favorite color, yes, it is rainbow sparkles.Melissa Griffith

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