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C-sections have become increasingly popular over the years, with over 30 percent of all births currently being performed in this manner. C-sections are much easier on both the mother and the baby, and in some cases, they are necessary to save both lives. That being said, there’s inherent risk associated with this procedure, which means that physicians must make the right decisions as well as act fast should they decide to perform it.

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The injuries that occur during a C-section are usually preventable as long as the physician and his or her team take the necessary precautions before carrying it out. In addition, medical errors and negligence are the primary cause of birth injuries in hospitals, proof of which can be found by working with a birth injury lawyer who’s handled these cases before.

Here are some of the instances when a C-section is necessary:

  • When the baby is unusually large and cannot safely pass through the birth canal
  • When the mother is much older
  • When there is a placental problem which can cause a blockage in the cervix
  • When the mother has an active infection that may be passed on to the baby such as HIV
  • When the mother’s weight presents a problem to the baby during birth

Doctors typically make an incision on the mother’s stomach and into the uterine wall, and then scoop out the baby within minutes.

Here are some of the problems, risks and injuries associated with C-Sections

  1. Breathing problems – this seems to be increased if the baby is born via C-Section
  2. Anesthesia injuries since the mother is given said medication to numb the area. Anesthesia, however, may lead to blood clots, low blood pressure and internal bleeding
  3. Fetal lacerations, where a child suffers cuts or scrapes during the procedure leading to the development or issues such as Erb’s Palsy and Klumpke’s Palsy later in life
  4. Blood clots which are usually associated with the 24 to 48 hour window after a caesarian section procedure.

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