Cerebral Palsy and Visual Problems

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It’s estimated that up to a third of children born with cerebral palsy have some form of visual problem. At the same time, ten percent suffer from severe visual impairment that may affect their quality of life enough to need surgery. Cerebral palsy is a motor neuron disease which occurs due to damage or infection to parts of the brain that control movement and neural network communication.

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How Cerebral Palsy Affects The Eyes

The eyes receive signals from the brain, and are sensitive organs that can completely change the way we experience life. Children with cerebral palsy may have weak musculature in and around the yes, making them more prone to conditions such as lazy eye. At the same time, they may not have a steady gaze, and it’s possible for them to have one eye looking in a completely different direction, and the other, straight ahead.

Here are some of the visual issues faced by cerebral palsy children:

  • They may not be able to correctly determine depth and three dimensions. This may make it hard for them to move around a house or go down a flight of stairs.
  • They may suffer from poor light intake which may make it hard for them to navigate a relatively dark hallway.
  • They may also have a hard time focusing on an object that’s right in front of them.
  • Due to limited signals coming from the brain, they may not be able to easily pick out an item from a collection of differently shaped or colored things.

Cerebral Palsy Eye Exercises

Children with cerebral palsy who suffer visual problems can be assisted via eye exercises. This can include letting them play with brightly-colored toys, or even patching the stronger eye to make the weaker eye work harder so it can catch up when it comes to function.

Surgery for Cerebral Palsy Visual Problems

On top of that, it may be possible to perform eye surgery on a child suffering from visual problems once they are of a certain age. LASIK, photorefractive keratectomy, and cataract removal surgery are all viable options that carry some kind of risk. Please speak to your doctor so they can determine what’s the least invasive and safest of the three.

Indiana Cerebral Palsy Attorney

If your child developed cerebral palsy after birth, it may not be a natural occurrence, and could be due to medical trauma during delivery or an infection in the prenatal stage. Please get in touch with us today on (773) 673-9861 for all your Indiana medical malpractice needs, including cerebral palsy caused by a doctor’s error. We look forward to hearing from you.