Eye Injuries and Construction Site Accidents in Indiana

Industrial Accidents

It is estimated that there are about 2,000 eye injuries that occur in American workplaces every day. The eye is a sensitive and vital organ which might be considered to be the most important sense as it is the primary way with which we perceive the world. Eye injuries are common in Indiana construction sites as well as in large industrial sites such as factories where there is potential for debris to come flying into one’s field of vision at any given time.

Construction Site Safety and Eye Injuries

If you’re working in the building and construction industry in Indiana, your supervisor is required to provide you with protective goggles you can wear while at work. In addition, they are, under federal safety laws, required to show you how to properly use these and store them so they remain effective. Lastly, these goggles should fit snugly to eliminate any chances of them slipping off your face and exposing you to harmful agents.

Here are some of the common eye injury scenarios in industrial sites in Indiana:

  • A piece of wood may come flying into one’s field of vision, lodging itself into the cornea, requiring surgery and eye rehabilitation.
  • Staring into a welding fire for hours on end day in, day out may predispose the eye to UVA light damage which can cause permanent eye damage.
  • Hot liquids, chemicals or solvents may get into a person’s eyes due to the mishandling of these liquids by another worker who didn’t receive proper training.
  • Falls due to someone else leaving liquid on the floor can lead to a person landing on their face, leading to a bone fracture around the eye, with pieces of bone getting into the eye socket

Compensation for Indiana Construction Site Injuries

Indiana construction industry injuries are usually covered by workers’ insurance. However, this amount is usually hardly enough to cover the full extent of your treatment. As a result, you may need to file an Indiana construction site injury lawsuit if you suspect negligence played a part in your injuries so you can recover enough compensation to pay for your present and future treatment. The nature of such lawsuits is that there may be more than one party responsible for your injuries, making it possible to sue for a substantial amount, especially if you suffered permanent eye damage. On top of economic damages, one can sue for non-economic ones such as pain and suffering, loss of quality of life and loss of consortium.

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