How Personal Injury Accidents Impact Mental Health

Personal Injury

The period after a car accident or any other type of injury can be a trying one. As you’re trying to recover from your injuries, you may be hit with feelings and emotions you may not have felt in the past. Depression, mental anguish, anxiety and PTSD are some of the psychological aftereffects of a personal injury event in, and they are sometimes brushed under the rug by many victims because they may think this is something they have to deal with on their own until the after-effects seep into their daily lives.

Depression After a Car Accident

The psychological effects of any car accident can be pervasive, lasting for months, years, and sometimes, decades. The human brain tries to process trauma of any kind in a somewhat inefficient way, and this manifests itself in a myriad of psychic conditions such as major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, night terrors, agoraphobia and a host of other mental illnesses.

What many of us don’t know is the fact that all of these are quantifiable according to personal injury law and can be compensated. All one needs is to seek a psychological evaluation from a qualified mental health professional such as a clinical psychologist who will then recommend therapy plus medication to help the patient process their pain and dissonant feelings. Once this is done, our attorney will work with you to come up with a monetary figure which will make up for pain and suffering in your claim.

Pain and Suffering Claims

Pain and suffering claims in personal injury claims are important because they help put a dollar amount to the psychological distress you will face for the next few weeks, months or years. Just because there are no visible symptoms of your condition doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Depression can lower the quality of your life and change the way you interact with the world. PTSD, on the other hand, can stop you from going to work in some extreme cases, leading to a loss in income, and anxiety may interfere with the human bonds you already have in your life.

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