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Indiana Defective Knee Implant Lawsuits – What You Need To Know

Personal Injury

The knee joint is a pivotal joint in the human body since it allows you to walk, run, squat, move in different directions and so much more. Over time, due to age or due to illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, the fat pads and cartilage between the femur and the tibia disintegrate, leading to these two bones touching. This shouldn’t be the case since the friction that’s developed due to cartilage and fat loss can lead to tremendous pain and immobility. Knee implants have been in the market for decades and they can reverse and protect against further joint damage, restoring comfort and mobility.

Knee Implant Injuries Becoming Common

Knee injuries arising out of defective knee implants have become commonplace over the last 5 years. The DePuy Orthopedic’s Knee Limb Preservation System led the way when it was discovered that the implant was defective due to it causing tissue loss and bone damage as well as failing to withstand loads transferred to the joint from daily movement. The FDA thus issued a class I recall, stating that it had reason to believe that the DePuy knee joint implant could cause adverse effects and even death.

Knee Implants and Infections

Knee replacement failure can also lead to serious infections that can spread to other parts of the body. This is especially true if the surgery was performed in a rushed manner. These infections are hard to treat and most of the time, lead to tissue necrosis and damage which must removed surgically. This often means a repeat of the knee surgery which can lead to a longer recovery time, diminished quality of life, pain and suffering and lost wages if one is still working, all of which can form part of your knee replacement lawsuit if you decide to go ahead and sue.

Indiana Knee Implant Injury Attorney Help

If you suffered complications after an Indiana knee replacement surgery or were a victim of the DePuy, Stryker or Zimmer implants which were shown to fail in many patients, you deserve to be compensated to the fullest extent of the law. Please call us today on 877-561-3004 for your free and confidential consultation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.