School Bullying Lawyer in Northwest Indiana

Child Injuries

It is estimated that 1 in 4 children is a victim of bullying. This can take on many forms such as verbal, emotional, sexual and ostracism, and it can have lasting effects throughout one’s life. A good Northwest Indiana personal injury attorney can help you and your loved ones seek justice if they were victims of bullying at any school in our region, as long as there are certain factors tied to the case.

Bullying can be due to lax rules at a school. This can happen in classrooms, playgrounds, the pool area or anywhere within a school grounds. Under Indiana premises liability law, school administration is bound by the law to ensure the safety of its students in a manner that is reasonable. Bullying should also be discouraged and punished, failure to which one can sue for damages on behalf of their child.

Here are some of the requirements that must be present for a physical claim to be valid

  • The bully must have intended to embarrass, intimidate or hurt your child.
  • Your child was targeted more than once during different days
  • The bullied is overpowered by the actions of the bully by virtue of age, physical strength, social standing, or height.

Bullying can include shoving, slapping, tripping, spitting, hitting as well as confiscating or damaging another person’s properties such as text books, devices, clothes, et cetera.

It may be that your child is being bullied but hasn’t come out to tell you this. This could be due to fear of reprisal or trauma that may make them withdraw from all human contact. As a parent, you should always be communicative with your child and watch out for signs signaling bullying.

Here are some of the signs of bullying in Northwest Indiana schools:

  • Your child suddenly becomes withdrawn or quiet
  • Your child starts to suffer mood swings and sadness
  • They may have an irrational fear of going to school
  • They may opt to skip certain lessons
  • They may come home with bruises that never seem to heal, or unexplained cuts
  • They may attempt or talk about suicide.

As a parent, it is important to act fast in order to preserve evidence as well as your child’s dignity and self esteem. If you suspect something is wrong, discuss the possibility that your child may be a victim of bullying with their teacher or principal, and then get them to give personal accounts of the incidents so you can record them in a meticulous manner. Take photos of the injuries, speak with witnesses, and don’t wash or get rid of bloody or soiled clothing. Lastly, speak to a counselor regarding therapy for your child, and get in touch with a good northwest Indiana child bullying lawyer by calling (773) 906-4833 for prompt legal help.