Can I Get a Schedule Award for Total Knee Replacement?

Federal Workers' Compensation

The work of a postal worker comes with many risks that may lead to accidents that could have been prevented had other individuals taken care to make sure their environment was free of hazards. Falling due to debris left on the curb or walkway can happen, leading to serious injuries such as a broken patella. Also known as the kneecap, this part of the knee allows your knee to extend in a 180 degree fashion. A knee injury of this nature may lead to chronic pain and an inability to completely unfurl one’s leg at the joint, necessitating total knee replacement surgery.

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Schedule Award for Total Knee Replacement – Where to Start

A knee injury sustained by a federal worker in the Postal Service may be grounds for retirement. OWCP gives you the opportunity to collect a schedule award, but only after you’ve reached maximum medical improvement. In addition, you must show a causal relationship between the injury and performance of duty. However, just because you fulfill all these conditions doesn’t mean that OWCP will be amenable to approving your schedule award for total knee replacement. There is a waiting period that usually involves OWCP sending over a claims officer, a nurse as well as consulting with your employer to make sure that everything checks out, and whether you’re able to resume working at a more diminished capacity but at the same agency. You may receive interim payments in the meantime which will tide you over until they approve your claim.

Medical Care for Federal Workers’ Compensation Schedule Award

A schedule award is given to permanent loss of body parts – in this case, postal worker knee cap injury and subsequent replacement makes you eligible for such an award. In addition, your medical bills will be taken care of as long as your injury is current. With regard to having an OWCP nurse with you during your doctor’s visit, you can elect not to have them in the room during the exam as long as you speak with a doctor on the same ahead of time.

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