Can I Sue for Improper Patient Hospital Transfers? Answers Here

In some instances, a patient is brought to a hospital only to discover a few moments later that they may need specialized care. In such instances, these patients are transferred to other medical centers with the needed facilities to help them get the care they need. For instance, an individual that jumped from the second floor while their apartment was on fire may need specialized burn care before their injuries are treated. Therefore, physicians and hospital managements may make an executive decision over that will allow such a transfer to take place. That said, it is vital that this transfer happen in a timely manner, and that no technical hitches occur because these types of snafus are not only negligent by their very nature, but they may also lead to further patient injuries. if a patient transfer doesn’t happen when it is clear that the patient needs it, or it happens in a disorganized manner so as to cause harm to said patient, the patient or their loved one has every right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in order to recover money damages and justice, and this is something we’re more than happy to help with.

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Here are some of the negligent acts associated with improper patient transfers:

  1. Failure to provide the other hospital with a complete medical history of patient being transferred
  2. Failure to timely transfer a patient who is a great candidate for said transfer due to their pressing health concerns
  3. Transferring patients without the needed or insufficient infrastructure such as insufficient oxygen or blood plasma
  4. Letting medical professionals who lack the prerequisite qualifications handle patients during these transfers

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All physicians and medical centers are required to adhere to something called standard of care. That is to say, a medical practitioner must act in the same manner as their peers with regard to treating patients without deviating from the set standard. Should they act in a negligent manner, the patient may be able to file a lawsuit if they suffered harm as a proximate cause of the breach of said standard of care. One can recover money damages for things such as cost of present and future medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of society, loss of consortium and even wrongful death with can be filed by the deceased’s loved ones. Want to learn more? Please give us a call NOW at (773) 673-9861 to learn more about your legal options. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.