Can You File a Lawsuit for Child Macrosomia? Find Out Here

Medical Malpractice

The birth of a baby is a joyous occasion because family often gets together to welcome a new life into their fold. However, every pregnancy should be handled with care to make sure that the whole process goes on uneventfully. Birth defects can be caused by genetics, so not all birth issues can be attributed to medical negligence. However, an aspect of medical negligence where a physician fails to diagnose a problem such as macrosomia where the baby grows so big that they cause complications to both themselves and their mother can constitute medical malpractice.

Was your child born with macrosomia, leading to multiple complications for both you and your young one? If you believe that your doctor should have diagnosed this condition way before you were supposed to deliver thereby offering you alternative delivery options, you may be able to file a macrosomia birth injury lawsuit. Please contact our best macrosomia medical malpractice attorneys NOW at (773) 673-9861 to learn more about your legal options for compensation. The call is FREE, and there’s no obligation to have us take on your case.

What is Macrosomia and How Does It Happen?

Macrosomia refers to a high birth weight which often brings with it delivery complications. An average baby typically weighs 7 pounds, and any baby that hits the 9 pound mark at birth can be said to have macrosomia. If you’ve been going for your prenatal exams and had ultrasound performed, your doctor should be able to check the weight and size of the baby during each semester. If it is discovered that your baby is growing too large for the trimester it is in, physicians can take preemptive measures such as scheduling a C-section at birth, or delivering the baby early so as to prevent complications during labor.

Here are some of the most common symptoms of macrosomia:

  1. A baby that has an above average fundal height which is an accurate predictor of the size of the fetus at five months into gestation.
  2. The mother producing too much amniotic fluid, which is a way for the body to lubricate the uterus as well as make sure that the baby has sufficient fluid to move around in.

Some of the risk factors associated with macrosomia include:

  • Having a male fetus
  • Being in gestation for over 40 weeks
  • A family history of macrosomia
  • Diabetes prior to and during pregnancy (this is perhaps the biggest predictor for macrosomia)
  • An overweight mother
  • Mothers younger than 17

Some of the complications associated with macrosomia include:

  • The need for a caesarian section delivery
  • Shoulder dystocia where the baby’s shoulder gets stuck in the birth canal
  • Asphyxia due to a prolonged delivery due to the size of the child

Macrosomia Legal Help: Call Us Today!

Macrosomia falls under failure to diagnose legal tort when it comes to medical malpractice. This is a condition that can be identified thanks to ultrasound and other tools that currently exist due to technological advances. Therefore, it can be opined that the doctor’s failure to diagnose your child’s macrosomia caused birth complications which then led to severe injury and even cerebral palsy or developmental delay. This may be grounds for a macrosomia birth injury lawsuit which we’d love to help you out with. You can sue for medical costs, legal fees, pain and suffering and so much more, provided that you act fast and speak with us, and not the hospital nor their insurance company representatives. Please contact our macrosomia complications lawyers NOW at (773) 673-9861 to learn more about your legal options for complications. We look forward to helping you.