Porch collapses, defective railings and the law

 When the World Literally Collapses Around You You’re standing on solid ground, or so you think. After all, you’re on your deck, or maybe you’re over at a friend’s. In any case, everyone’s enjoying themselves at the party, having a few drinks, grilling steaks and watching the big game on TV with friends and neighbors. […]

Worker killed in factory

McCready Law were recently retained by the family of a worker killed in an industrial accident. Our client was found trapped inside a conveyor belt machine at the factory where he worked. OSHA investigators suspect that his clothing became entangled in the machinery and he was pulled in as a result. Our client was a […]

Grain elevator tragedy

Few people realize the dangers involved working in and around grain elevators.  A nine year old boy working at his family’s farm fell into the grain elevator and died.  Grain in a grain elevator is like quicksand.  Our prayers are with the family who lost their son in this terrible tragedy. Living in Chicago, few […]

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