What to do after a car accident

What to Do After a Car Accident Strikes “It will never happen to me. I’ll never get sick, lose a job, get a divorce, or have an auto accident.” That’s what we all silently say, but we do ourselves no good when we refuse to deal with life’s unpleasant realities. This article won’t help you […]

Porch collapses, defective railings and the law

 When the World Literally Collapses Around You You’re standing on solid ground, or so you think. After all, you’re on your deck, or maybe you’re over at a friend’s. In any case, everyone’s enjoying themselves at the party, having a few drinks, grilling steaks and watching the big game on TV with friends and neighbors. […]

Legal Malpractice Cases

Has a lawyer ruined your case? If so, you now want justice, and this article explains how to get it.  Of course, we are assuming you made the mistake of hiring someone other than McCready Law the first time!  So what exactly is legal malpractice? But first, let’s start at the beginning. Someone damaged you, […]

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