Cheerios Glyphosate Class Action Lawsuit Looming in 2018

Class Action Lawsuits

Breakfast cereal is a regular part of waking up for hundreds of millions of families across the country. Cheerios, a favorite brand for many, was for many decades a preferred choice due to its simple and natural ingredients. That, however, is about to change thanks to legal developments taking place due to the discovery of the presence of glyphosate in this brand of cereal.

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Cheerios Class Action Lawsuit Filed

A woman residing in Florida recently filed a class action lawsuit naming General Mills as the defendant in the suit, a company that makes Honey Nut Cheerios and the regular Cheerios. The lawsuit, filed by Mounira Doss on August 16th 2018 was filed after the plaintiff noticed the presence of glyphosate in the cereal.

Is It Safe to Eat Cheerios?

Independent tests carried out by the Environmental Working Group or EWG performed on over 30 products that contain oats showed that over 43 samples contained glyphosate. In addition, three of the Cheerios samples that were tested contained over 450 ppb, levels that are above what is considered acceptably safe when it comes to glyphosate in foods.

Roundup and Cancer

Glyphosate is commonly known as roundup, and it has been listed as a carcinogen by multiple organizations. In fact, it was added to California’s Proposition 65 list of chemicals that have been known to cause cancer. Monsanto, the maker of the glyphosate-containing product Roundup which is used as a weed killer, is currently facing thousands of lawsuits by plaintiff from all strata of life such as farmers, gardeners, agricultural workers and lawn care specialists who claim that their exposure to glyphosate may have caused their cancer.

Details on The Cheerios Glyphosate Lawsuit

In her lawsuit, Mounira Doss claimed that she never would have purchased and consumed General Mills’ Cheerios if she had prior knowledge of the fact that it contained high levels of glyphosate. In addition, the lawsuit claims that the company engaged in deceptive marketing when it claimed in the product’s packaging that said product was safe and healthy for adults and children. It is expected that more people will join this class action lawsuit as awareness trickles into the general public domain.

Glyphosate Class Action Lawyer Help

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