Medication is a part of daily life for many people. Whether it is prescription medication or over-the-counter drugs, these substances can help alleviate pain, fight viruses, and improve your mental capabilities.

Of course, there are also downsides to some medications. While side effects can be unavoidable, some drugs are unreasonably dangerous or improperly packaged. A seasoned personal injury attorney could help pursue a legal claim against the makers of these medications. You could learn about your legal options during a discussion with a Chesterton dangerous drugs lawyer.

When Medication is Unreasonably Dangerous

It is generally accepted that medical products play a vital role in the health of the general public. For that reason, pharmaceutical companies are granted some leeway when it comes to making drugs with harmful or potentially dangerous side effects. Side effects are common but the presence of a dangerous side effect on its own is not enough to result in a viable case for compensation.

There must be more than just a bad outcome when it comes to dangerous drug lawsuits. To be liable, a pharmaceutical company must have created a medication that is unreasonably dangerous, given the conditions. This can take different forms, as some pharmaceutical companies create dangerous medication by failing to test it properly. Other cases involve the lack of adequate warnings or instructions to make it possible to safely use the medication.

It might not always be clear when a bad reaction is due to an unreasonably dangerous drug. The good news is that a Chesterton dangerous drugs attorney could help identify when legal action is on the table.

Compensation in a Dangerous Drugs Case

When a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a dangerous drug is successful, the monetary award could be made up of many different facets. Every case is different and the specific hardships a person faces due to a bad reaction to medication can vary. A Chesterton dangerous drugs attorney could pursue the following types of compensation for an injured plaintiff.

Medical Bills

Dangerous drugs frequently require additional, costly medical care. This could include treatments for the underlying issue that the medication is designed to treat, in addition to any new issues stemming from the use of the drug.

Lost Wages

Some reactions to medication are serious enough that they prevent a person from working for a significant period of time. Missing work could result in lost wages, which can upend a person’s budget in short order. It could be possible to pursue past and future lost wages from a pharmaceutical company following a bad reaction to the medication.

Pain and Suffering

Some reactions to dangerous drugs can involve severe physical pain, especially common when medications result in some form of nerve damage. For some, the pain subsides after they stop taking the medication. For other people, this physical pain can last a lifetime. The suffering and psychological trauma resulting from the use of dangerous drugs could be included in any civil claim.

Determine Your Options with a Chesterton Dangerous Drugs Attorney

A bad reaction or severe side effect from taking a hazardous drug can affect a whole family. This is especially true in cases where there is no clear sign that a full recovery will be possible. Fortunately, product liability laws allow you to hold the drug manufacturer responsible. Fill out a contact form and let a Chesterton dangerous drugs lawyer advise you on how to pursue your case for compensation.