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50 million Americans are currently living with chronic pain, with about 20 million of these individuals experiencing disabling pain that limits their movement, activity level as well as their ability to be productive members of society. Pain is a fact of life; illness that may last weeks, months or years may be punctuated by some form of pain, and almost all of us will at one time fall sick or sustain an injury whether due to an accident, a gym injury, around the house via slipping and falling, or getting injured by an appliance we use on a regular basis. Pain management is a sensitive topic in the country, particularly due to the opioid crisis that many states are currently grappling with. That being said, physicians are bound by the Hippocratic Oath to offer treatment to all patients in a manner that is deemed fair and reasonable irrespective of the prevailing atmosphere around pain medication and its overuse.

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Suing for inadequate pain management is not something most patients don’t have awareness about because more often than not, breakthrough pain comes much later in their treatment schedule. As such, they don’t expect to experience chronic, ongoing pain and are caught off guard when their chronic pain condition rebounds after having been under control for so long. In addition, the opioid crisis has made it so that many physicians are gun shy when it comes to prescribing pain medications. In many cases, patients are referred to physical therapists and psychotherapists who try but fail to provide patients with tools they can use to manage their chronic pain.

Opioid Overprescription in Illinois Hospitals – Do You Have A Case?

In the case of severe injuries such as a broken back, knee injuries and broken hip, the pain may last indefinitely, making it impossible to successfully cure the individual’s chronic pain. In such cases, patients are often prescribed narcotic painkillers and opioids which are more often than not highly addictive. A physician owes every patient a duty of care to prescribe medication after careful scrutiny of the patient’s condition in a manner that is deemed safe and reasonable in keeping with official pain management guidelines. Should they fail to do this, and if the patient develops an addiction, leading to pain and suffering, lost time off work, not being able to fully enjoy one’s life, they may be held legally accountable under Illinois medical malpractice law.

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Chronic pain medical malpractice claims differ; that is to say, there are no legal statutes on how to calculate compensation amounts for such damages, nor are there standard multipliers. It will be up to the judge or jury to examine the evidence presented and use good judgment to determine what a particular case is worth. However, speaking with a best medical malpractice lawyer in Chicago will give you a rough idea of what you can expect from your chronic pain medical malpractice claim. Please contact us NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 to learn more about your legal options for compensation. We look forward to hearing from you.