Dialysis Injuries – Find Out If You Have a Case

Medical Malpractice

Kidney failure unfortunately ends in dialysis, a process where blood is filtered through a machine while the patient sits by for anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes so all waste products can be eliminated. Dialysis centers exist in most hospitals or designated health centers, and they serve a vital purpose to those that dearly need it, the lack of which can turn a chronic condition into a life-threatening one which can lead to loss of organs and even death. However, what happens when the people that you trust to offer these services to you or a loved one act in a negligent manner, leading to injury or death?

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Kidney dialysis errors can happen in the following ways:

  • Improper sterilization of dialysis equipment
  • Dosage mistakes such as giving the patient too much of a medication
  • Losing too much blood during the dialysis procedure
  • Failure to monitor a patient’s blood pressure
  • Dialysis machine malfunction due to poor or no maintenance

Dialysis Dangers Mitigated By Standard of Care

It’s estimated that a little over 400,000 Americans are dialysis patients. These individuals must be regularly and properly monitored during the whole dialysis period in order to make sure the session goes on without a hitch. At the same time, should any complication arise, medical professionals are expected to act fast to mitigate them and put the patient out of danger. This is legally known as standard of care which is a standard that all medical health professionals must abide to at all times and administer appropriately when needed. In order to file a dialysis lawsuit, you will have to prove via your dialysis attorney that this standard existed at the time of your admittance as a patient, and that it was breached, leading to injuries that are compensable under personal injury law.

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A report issued by the federal branch of the General Accounting Office decried the poor standards witnessed at dialysis centers countrywide. Add this to the fact that the treatments in and of themselves are not a cure, and must be done for the duration of one’s life, then you will begin to understand how a lapse in standard of care can lead to severe injuries that can render life painful for people who were already having a hard time thanks to end-stage kidney disease.

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