Esophageal Intubation Lawsuit – Do I Have a Case?

Medical Malpractice

When you’re put under for any kind of surgery, expect to be intubated. This is to help you breathe so that your body has sufficient amounts of oxygen for the duration of the entire procedure. Intubation is usually done under the watchful eye of an anesthesiologist, and it can be complicated and fraught with hits and misses. To this end, years of training are needed as well as careful observation by all surgeons involved in the operation to make sure that you are properly intubated before the surgery begins, proper. Intubation injury lawsuits are more common than most people realize, and they are largely due to medical malpractice that can be subject for damages and compensation if it happened to you or a loved one.

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How Do Intubation Injuries Happen?

Intubation errors and injuries typically happen when the physician is inserting it down the trachea. Even while following through guidelines, tracheal injuries occur and can be as small as a nick, to as large as a perforation or even puncturing the trachea. These injuries will be painful once a patient wakes up, and they may need further surgery to fix the trachea. In addition, tracheal injuries due to intubation may lead to a perforated and infected esophagus, lip or mouth injuries, and they can even be as serious as vocal cord paralysis.

Intubation Errors and Medical Malpractice

There’s a standard of care that is expected when it comes to intubation procedures, and this begins with the physician placing the tube into the correct hole, which is the esophagus, and not the trachea. In addition, the anesthesiologist must make sure that the tube stays and remains in the esophagus at all times. Failure to do so may lead to medical malpractice claims should you suffer complications from the negligence or the breaching of duty of care.

Here are some of the common types of intubation injury complications:

  • Having the tubes dislodge during surgery
  • Failure to preoxygenate the patient before intubating them
  • Drops in oxygen levels during surgery
  • Taking too long to perform the intubation process

Intubation Malpractice Attorneys: Call Us Today!

Intubation errors are not mistakes: surgeons are trained for over a decade so that they do not make mistakes. Anything else is due to professional medical negligence which you must hold the surgeon accountable for. Filing an intubation injury lawsuit will help you recover compensation for things such as medical expenses and care, lost wages, mental trauma, pain and suffering and so much more. Please contact us if you believe your surgeon made an error which led you to develop intubation complications and injury at (773) 902-0413. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.