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In some cases, individuals may develop gallstones at an increased rate. This may cause the accumulation of these stones in the bile duct, obscuring the passage of bile which is a necessary component of digestion as well as causing great discomfort and pain to the patient. In such cases, gallbladder surgery where this vestigial organ is removed is performed in an effort to alleviate the patient’s pain and discomfort. This is a delicate surgery, and the surgeon needs to be extremely accurate due to the fact that one wrong snip or cut could lead to injury to other vital organs that are close by such as the liver, or even the stomach. Negligence with regard to gallbladder surgery shouldn’t be something that you accept or have to live with, and it is important to hold these physicians accountable for the harm and damage your body may have suffered after gallbladder surgery so you can recover the compensation and justice that is rightfully yours, something that we can help you with.

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Gallbladder surgery may be necessary if a patient starts having gallbladder attacks on a regular basis. In addition, certain individuals may start developing cholecystitis, which is an inflammation of the gallbladder. Since the gallbladder is not a crucial organ in the body, it can be removed without the patient suffering future health consequences.

Some of the injuries that may happen due to negligent gallbladder surgery include:

  • Gallbladder contents leakage leading to infection
  • The leaving behind of malignant or necrotizing flesh inside the body leading to sepsis
  • The introduction of carbon dioxide into the bloodstream, leading to embolism
  • The nicking or cutting of the main bile duct, leading to peritonitis
  • The perforation of the liver, intestines or bowels

Malpractice when it comes to gallbladder surgery can involve any of the following:

  1. Improper or incomplete stitching up of patient wounds
  2. The use of dirty surgical tools thereby causing infection
  3. Failure to offer follow-up or postoperative care
  4. Removal of a different organ other than the gallbladder
  5. Failure to contain a post-surgical infection, leading to blood sepsis

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