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Intestinal obstruction is a serious condition that may cause health emergencies, particularly in children and newborn. A congenital condition (meaning that the child is born with it) causes the stagnation of waste in the colon, leading to obstruction and possible health complications. This condition is called Hirschsprung disease, and it is thought to be responsible for anywhere from 15 to 20 percent of all cases of intestinal obstruction seen in children right after birth. The condition is due to the lack of ganglion cells which innervate nerves in the lower descending colon, the area which is responsible for the pushing down of fecal matter so that the child can excrete it. This can cause complications such as toxic mega colon, and even sepsis due to a tear in the colon leading to fecal matter breaching other spaces and tissues around it. Therefore, timely detection and diagnosis are key to not only rectifying the situation, but also saving the child’s life. If you feel that your physician didn’t do what was needed or didn’t act fast enough to appropriately diagnose and treat your child’s Hirschsprung disease, you may be able to file a medical malpractice lawsuit to recover money damages and seek out justice on their behalf, and it would be an honor to help you in doing so.

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Hirschsprung disease may be caused by genetic errors, and there are no definitive tests that can diagnose it prenatally. In the condition, nerve cells at the end of the bowel simply don’t grow, and they are missing.

Some of the common symptoms of Hirschsprung disease include:

  1. The baby doesn’t express meconium, or the dark liquid after birth
  2. The baby may present with a swollen stomach
  3. The child may run a high fever
  4. The child may vomit brown or green matter
  5. Upon insertion of a finger into the baby’s rectum, the child may express explosive stools
  6. The baby may have diarrhea which is often bloody

Hirschsprung disease may be diagnosed in the following manner:

  • Getting the child’s family and medical history
  • The doctor may perform a physical exam and apply differential diagnosis
  • The doctor may take note of all the symptoms
  • The physician may order a battery of tests and imaging studies

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Failure to diagnose Hirschsprung disease is considered medical negligence. However, these cases rely on expert medical testimonies and the clear connection between the negligence of the physician and the failure to timely treat the condition. If you’d like to learn more about how to get started on the legal process, please call our experienced birth injury attorneys NOW at (773) 673-9861. Thanks and we look forward to helping you.