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Medical Malpractice

Going for surgery is not something to be taken lightly due to the many errors that can cause complications. In addition, going under anesthesia presents novel risks to the patient, and because of this, it is not uncommon for a patient being operated on to be monitored by more than three physicians. However, perhaps the most important aspect of any surgery lies in the positioning of the patient, which can play a major role in whether the surgery is a success or not. Surgical positioning usually takes into account an individual’s weight, age, and any underlying conditions in order to make sure that any risks to their health are canceled out. Surgical misplacement can cause a host of complications such as excessive and uncontrolled bleeding, the development of blood clots and even cardiac arrest. Because physicians are taught about and know very well the importance of proper body placement during surgery, there is absolutely no excuse for health complications arising out of body misplacement during surgery. If this happened to you or a loved one, then you have every right to file a lawsuit to recover compensation in the form of money damages, and we’re here to help with that.

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Here are the basic proper surgical patient positioning guidelines:

  • Patient must be positioned in such a manner as to make sure that the anesthesiologist can administer medication in a proper and easy manner as well as monitor the patient’s vitals
  • The patient should be positioned in such a manner as to provide all surgeons with an obstructed and clear view of the surgical site being operated on
  • The patient positions should be adequate enough to ensure that nurses can move around
  • The positioning should be done in such a manner as to minimize or eliminate bleeding
  • The positioning should be done in such a manner as to not place pressure on any body part

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Patient positioning during surgery cannot be a standard thing across the board given the differences in patients regarding surgery type, age, conditions and so on. That said, doctors are required to adhere to a certain standard of care when it comes to proper patient positioning, failure to which and should you develop health complications, you may be able to sue for a number of damages such as the cost of present and future medical care, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, legal fees and so much more. Want to learn more? Please call us NOW at (773) 741-0537 to learn more. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.