Countless people rely on medication purchased over the counter or prescribed by their doctor. For most of them, the use of this medication provides relief from unpleasant symptoms or fights an infection. Unfortunately, some drugs are unreasonably dangerous for the public to use.

In 2018, Gregory V. sought treatment at the Emergency Room for a urinary tract infection. Despite a documented allergy to Sulfa drugs, he was administered the antibiotic Bactrim at the ER. Gregory had an adverse reaction to the drug and started developing blisters all over his body, and inside his mouth. He was hospitalized and diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a form of toxic epidermal necrolysis, wherein the cells die, causing the epidermis to separate from the dermis. A family member characterized Gregory’s sores as “burns all over his body.” After spending several weeks in the hospital, he was treated at local burn unit on an outpatient basis. Read more about the $825k settlement McCready Law was able to obtain for him.

The companies that make these drugs do not always put in the effort needed to ensure they are safe for public consumption. If you have been injured by a dangerous drug, a skilled personal injury attorney could help you hold the pharmaceutical company accountable. These types of claims can be difficult, so you would benefit from discussing your case with an Indianapolis dangerous drugs lawyer before proceeding on your own.

Understanding Dangerous Drugs Claims

Dangerous or defective drugs have the potential to cause serious health consequences for anyone that takes them. Pharmaceutical companies often face financial pressure to rush new drugs to market, which increases the chances of a defect occurring.

Some defects impact everyone in the same way. In other cases, the lack of testing might fail to identify certain demographics that have higher chances of a bad reaction to a drug. The failure to properly test these drugs can result in serious consequences that are only discovered months or years after they hit the market.

Other dangerous drug claims involve confusing or inadequate marketing. Taking medication is not always intuitive and the instructions for some drugs are much more complicated than others. If drugmakers fail to provide clear instructions or obvious warnings, they could be liable for the damage that occurs as a result.

An Indianapolis attorney could build a winning dangerous drugs case. Their work involves thoroughly investigating the nature and cause of a defect, as well as the impact it has on the patient. The right attorney could provide the best chance at recovering compensation from the pharmaceutical company.

Monetary Compensation in Dangerous Drug Cases

The goal of any dangerous drug case is to recover a monetary award from the party responsible for a defective drug. The amount of compensation that could be recovered in these cases depends on different factors, including the extent of a person’s injuries and the cost of additional medical care required due to the defect. An Indianapolis dangerous drugs attorney could pursue the following types of compensation.

Past and Future Medical Care

One of the most frustrating aspects of a defective drug is that it can create new health issues on top of the existing issues a person faces. The cost of treating these additional health consequences could also be addressed through a civil suit.

Pain and Suffering

The pain and suffering due to a dangerous drug reaction can be severe. This pain could result from new medical conditions, harmful reactions, or even nerve damage. Compensation for this pain could be available if a lawsuit is successful. Unlike medical expenses, these damages are not easily identifiable with a hospital bill, which is why it is important to discuss with a lawyer.

Lost Wages

Many people facing the consequences of a medical mistake will be forced to miss time from work while they recover. This can have a dramatic impact on their income, especially when their absence lasts for months or longer. Replacing those lost wages is possible when pursuing a dangerous drugs lawsuit.

Talk to an Indianapolis Dangerous Drugs Attorney

When drug companies fail to protect the public, they deserve to be held accountable – and they often are. The team at McCready Law could help you do just that. Put your trust in the hands of an Indianapolis dangerous drugs lawyer and schedule a consultation to tell your story.