Injured At A Casino? Doing THIS Can Get You Compensated

Premises Liablity

Casinos provide entertainment and the opportunity to win massive amounts of money for some who consider themselves to be lucky. The gambling industry is heavily regulated and it is required to adhere to certain safety standards to keep casino patrons safe and injury-free at all times. Contrary to popular opinion, accidents don’t just happen – over 90 percent of the time, there is a human negligence element to all accidents or injuries at a casino and at any business establishment. Personal injury law therefore makes it possible for you to collect compensation if you fell or were injured at Indian casino.

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Here are some of the most common casino injuries:

  1. Slip and fall injuries due to, for example, water left in hallways or in lobbies by cleaning staff, lack of a railing in bathrooms used to steady oneself, or tripping on worn-out carpeting while going down the stairs
  2. Broken furniture at slot machines is a common sight because these machines tend to be used by a large number of people, increasing the rate of wear and tear. It’s not uncommon therefore for chairs to give way and crash to the floor, and cause serious injuries such as concussions, broken bones, and spinal injuries
  3. Food poisoning is common in casinos by the virtue of the fact that these facilities serve large volumes of food which might let the quality and health standards slip. Food poisoning can be fatal if not treated in a timely manner, and one can rack up a hefty treatment bill should they fall severely ill.
  4. Muggers, pickpockets and drunken patrons dot the casino victims looking for easy prey. Should you get assaulted or your property stolen, the casino management should be held accountable for providing inadequate security.

I Fell At a Casino – What Should I Do First?

In order to safeguard your casino injury lawsuit, it is important to first and foremost report the injury so there is documentation. Be factual, do not make any accusations, and reserve the right to answer questions that may seem leading or calculated. Next, call emergency medical services so you’re taken to the ER in order to have them run a complete physical exam. A small casino injury such as a bump on the head might actually be a concussion that can lead to life-threatening complications and long-term disability. Once you receive medical care, ask the physician for a copy of your chart as it will play a pivotal role in the determination of the validity and value of your casino injury claim.

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There’s so much we haven’t talked about in this post such as who’s truly liable for your casino accident injury as well as the average compensation amounts for casino injuries; this is because of the fact that no two injuries are alike. For a more comprehensive look at your casino injury lawsuit, call us NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 to receive your 100% FREE consultation from one of our casino injury lawyers. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.