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Medical Malpractice

Intubation refers to the passage of a tube through one’s nose or throat and into the lungs in order to facilitate breathing. This is done in certain medical procedures where the patient is required to be unconscious or semiconscious in order for the procedure to go on with a hitch. In some cases, due to injury or illness, intubation is a necessity because the patient may not be able to breathe on their own. Usually initiated by an anesthesiologist, intubation is a delicate procedure that requires immense skill and experience in order for the whole process to go on uneventfully, and to prevent adverse and sometimes life-altering health complications.

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Some of the negligent actions that may lead to an intubation lawsuit include:

  • Passing the intubation tube into the esophagus instead of one’s airway
  • Little to no experience when it comes to using a tracheal tube
  • Delaying the intubation process, leading to respiratory distress
  • Not performing a thorough assessment of a patient’s intubation needs
  • The misuse of an intubation laryngoscope blade
  • Inflating the intubation tube too much
  • Tissue perforation with the intubation tube
  • Premature removal of the tube before the procedure is complete

Traumatic intubation injuries include:

  • Paralysis of the vocal cords
  • Collapsed or perforated lung
  • Stroke
  • Arrhythmia or an irregular or quick heartbeat
  • Bronchospasm
  • Laryngospasm
  • Brain damage due to hypoxia
  • Nerve damage
  • Pneumonia due to infection
  • Scarring inside the throat

In such cases where intubation procedures go wrong leading to injuries, many injured individuals usually ask – can you sue an anesthesiologist? The answer to this question, as intubation lawsuit attorneys, is: it depends. We have to show that the anesthesiologist in question acted in a negligent manner by breaching a set standard of care which then led to your injuries. The complications of endotracheal intubation don’t just go away on their own; you may need intensive care treatment, surgery, time off work to heal, and you may become predisposed to infections if you suffered a perforation. This can take a physical, financial, and emotional toll on you and your loved ones.

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