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It is often said that the pain of passing a kidney stone can be compared to the pain of childbirth. These stones get stuck in the kidneys as well as the tubes that make up the urinary system, and it is thought to be due to dehydration, the inability to store water in the body, a high meat or protein diet, as well as high consumption of sugary and caffeinated drinks. Kidney stones can be unbearable with regard to pain, and some people may need water and some pain management medication in order to pass them, while others, due to the largesse of said stone may need surgery in order to remove it. Kidney stone removal surgery must be performed with utmost care, as well as adhering to a certain standard of care that other medical professionals follow in order to keep the patient safe and healthy. If you suffered complications due to improper or negligent kidney stone removal, you have every right to file a lawsuit in order to recover money damages and seek justice, and we’re here to help.

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Here are some of the kidney stone removal errors that may lead to malpractice:

  1. Playing a wait and see game when dealing with extraordinarily large kidney stones, leading to kidney blockage and the development of infection in the patient
  2. Failure to operate on a patient that has a history of kidney stones
  3. Failure to take a complete medical history of the kidney stone patient
  4. Failure to perform a CT scan to decipher the correct location of a kidney stone
  5. Misdiagnosing a kidney stone as a completely different health concern
  6. Delayed removal of the kidney stone, leading to the development of hydronephrosis
  7. Organ perforation during kidney stone removal surgery

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It is important to note that you have inalienable rights should a physician act in a negligent manner during the removal of a kidney stone. In order to file a negligent kidney stone removal lawsuit, there must have existed a duty of care between you and your physician which was breached due to negligence causing your health complications. For more information on the true value of your kidney stone lawsuit, please call us NOW at (773) 823-0298. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.