Kim is our receptionist at our head office in Beverly. We are thrilled to have someone as friendly, upbeat, and kind working on our team. But the funny thing is, Kim doesn’t even remember applying to be a part of it!

Before joining us, Kim worked as an executive assistant for a local church for over 20 years. When she was ready for something new, she applied for a few positions, but when we called her up for an interview, she had to pause for a moment.

“Hang on, where are you calling from again?” No matter how she found us, it was true serendipity. Kim fits in so well with our team; it feels like she’s old friends with all of us.

Outside of work, Kim enjoys participating in local musical theater productions and is a semi-professional recording artist. She has about seven albums to her name, so far and has toured all over the United States and even Italy. Kim credits her father, who raised her on his own, for nurturing the talents that led to her success. He was a choir director and talented musically himself.

Kim has four beautiful children and two gorgeous granddaughters. They are her pride and joy and she enjoys spending time with them and encouraging them as they chase their dreams. She is a sports fanatic (Go Bears!!) and a Golden State

Warrior girl at heart. She is also a firm believer in the law of reciprocity and will always go out of her way to assist others. Kim always strives to help people, meet their needs, and give her best.