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When pregnant women develop a fever, it is vital that they get checked out to rule out any serious illness or infection that may harm the baby. Intrauterine infection, also known as chorioamnionitis is an infection that breaches the amniotic fluid as well as the fetal membrane known as chorion. This infection may happen long prior to labor, or during the birthing process. It is more likely to affect women who are smokers or obese, but it can happen to any pregnant woman and the scary part is that some women do not display any symptoms at all, making it a dangerous condition that can cause havoc in the baby’s body long before it is born. Choriamnionitis can cause long-term and sometimes permanent health issues for the baby, and it usually is a sign that the doctor failed at one point in their duty of care towards you and your family. In such instances, filing a birth injury lawsuit is the natural step to take to recover compensation and seek justice for your child.

Are you looking for a maternal infection lawsuit attorney? If your doctor failed to diagnose you with Choriamnionitis and subsequently failed to treat the same in a timely manner, resulting in you or your baby developing health complications, we can help when it comes to seeking justice and compensation. The experienced birth injury attorneys at McCready Law have over 90 YEARS of stellar experience helping people just like you recover compensation and holding negligent individuals and corporations accountable for their actions. Please call us NOW at (773) 825-3547 to learn more about your legal options. We work on contingency fee basis, which means that we don’t charge you a cent until we recover compensation on your behalf at the end of your lawsuit.  Serving all birth injury survivors and victims countrywide.

Here are some of the signs that a mother has developed chorioamnionitis:

  1. A running fever
  2. A quick pulse
  3. Tenderness in the uterus area
  4. A very fast heart rate in the child
  5. Low blood pressure or hypotension
  6. High white blood cell numbers or leukocytosis in the mother
  7. There may be discharge from the vagina that smells foul

Some of the risk factors that may predispose a woman to chorioamnionitis include:

  • Prolonged birth
  • UTI and bacterial vaginosis
  • Numerous vaginal exams during pregnancy
  • An immunocompromised mother
  • The administration of an epidural anesthesia
  • Maternal obesity
  • The presence of GBS, or group B streptococcus
  • Premature labor

Doctors typically diagnose chorioamnionitis by ordering blood cell cultures, physical examination to check for a fever and uterine tenderness, and whether the mother has a purulent vaginal discharge. This condition is treated via the administration of IV antibiotics for a few days, and then orally in the form of pills.

Lawyers for Chorioamnionitis Infection – Call Us Today!

Chorioamnionitis is one of the conditions doctors check for during prenatal visits, and if missed, it means that the physician did not adhere to a medical standard of care to keep you and your child safe. In addition, this infection during pregnancy may cause a baby to be born with cerebral palsy, sepsis and meningitis, abnormal birth weight, breathing problems and so much more. Chorioamnionitis development is grounds for a birth injury medical malpractice lawsuit, and we can help with this. Please give us a call NOW at (773) 825-3547 to learn more. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.