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Medical Malpractice

Cancer is a terrifying word, and it is something most people never want to have to experience, whether benign or malignant. Cancer is an overgrowth of the body’s cells after their mutation, causing tumors which can spread to the entire body if not caught in a timely manner. The lymph nodes produce cells that are responsible for the proper functioning of your immune system. Most people don’t know this, but it is possible for the immune system cells to be affected by cancer, a condition known as lymphoma. This is a particularly aggressive form of cancer which is said to have only a 65 percent chance of remission, a paltry number given the statistics for colon cancer, which is over 80 percent provided the patient gets the proper medical care. It is important to understand that cancer is not mysterious, nor is it a fluke, nor is it punishment for a perceived fault. As long as you have a healthcare provider such as a family doctor charged with making sure you are healthy, a diagnosis of lymphoma could mean that the physician failed in their duty of care to make sure that there’s nothing wrong going on in your body. If you developed lymphoma and it was diagnosed too late, you may be able to recover money damages by filing a cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit.

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What are the Different Forms of Lymphoma?

Lymphoma is defined as a cancer of the lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system. Because of the location of this cancer, it is difficult to treat, and the cancer can spread like wildfire. Lymphoma has two variants, with the first one being Hodgkin’s disease, which presents with unique symptoms that it is almost impossible to confuse it for something else. Hodgkin’s is also easy to treat, and it has a high recovery rate. On the other hand, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is dangerous as it affects the white blood cells, which mutate aggressively, migrating to the lymphatic system and causing massive damage.

Lymphoma Misdiagnosis and Disease Mismanagement

It is important to understand that all physicians are bound by something called standard of care. That is to say, every physician must act in a manner in which another physician in the same circumstances would medically act. For instance, the timely taking of biopsies, following up on lab results, starting up the patients on a course of radiation and chemotherapy, timely surgery in order to stem the spread of the cancer, are all part of standard of care. Breaching this standard of care can be construed as negligence, which if it caused you harm such as the spreading of your cancer and permanent damage to your body, is grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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