A consultation with a professional Oak Lawn birth injury lawyer is risk-free to parents of babies suffering from birth injuries. There is no commitment required, and the appointment can potentially shed light on your legal options. If the cause of your child’s birth injuries was another’s negligence, your family may be able to recover injury compensation on their behalf.

While no amount of money can turn back the clock and reverse the birth injuries, a settlement can help provide the family with the means to afford the very best care for their child’s future. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated medical malpracticeattorney could make a difference in your family’s life today.

Types of Birth Injuries

Birth injuries frequently stem from complicated deliveries, but ineffective hospital policies, inadequate training, and defective equipment can contribute to these problems. Some common forms of birth injuries may include the development of:

Such injuries are often the result of negligence and mistakes made by hospital staff. The misuse of birthing tools is an unfortunately common cause of many of the injuries listed above. Forceps and vacuum extractors can be life-saving equipment when used correctly. When used improperly, however, they can forever change the infant’s life. While it is true that many doctors and nurses work long shifts and are spread thin in the duties they shoulder, there is never an excuse for medical mistakes that result in lifelong injuries for the child.

When preventable injuries occur, doctors must be held accountable. Whether as a failure to perform a cesarean section, the improper use of birthing tools or some other form of malpractice, medical mistakes can have a long-lasting impact on a family’s life. A skilled Oak Lawn birth injury lawyer can help those who have experienced these events through professional legal representation in court. Reach out to a qualified attorney to learn more.

Legal Recourse for Families in Oak Lawn

Many families do not realize they were harmed by a doctor’s negligence. Few people have the medical knowledge necessary to recognize when a birth injury was preventable. An attorney can pair families with external medical professionals who can review the details of the delivery and help determine if negligence occurred.

If medical malpractice indeed caused an infant’s injuries, the parents may choose to file a lawsuit. In Oak Lawn, medical malpractice settlements frequently include compensation for medical bills, one’s pain and suffering, and the costs of ongoing care often required for the rest of the child’s life. Should a parent need to resign from their job to devote their time solely to such care, the earning capacity lost as a result can be part of a settlement. A determined Oak Lawn birth injury lawyer can help a family fight for this compensation so that they can give their child the best life possible.

Speak With an Oak Lawn Birth Injury Attorney Today

Parents of babies suffering birth injuries should contact an Oak Lawn birth injury lawyer as soon as possible to better understand their rights. Whether you expect only short-term care for your baby or anticipate lifelong needs, exploring the options for legal recourse can potentially play an important role in easing your financial burden. A seasoned lawyer could review the details of your infant’s birth and help determine whether the injuries they suffered were due to a doctor’s negligence. If they were, the lawyer could outline your rights and options.