Orthopedic Malpractice Secrets : Don’t Act Until You Read This

Medical Malpractice

Orthopedic surgery changes people’s lives, especially those born with congenital defects or those who were in horrific car accidents and falls. Orthopedic surgeons are highly specialized and have to go through rigorous training where there is no room for error. When these physicians make mistakes, however, the lives of their patients can be permanently altered. Orthopedic surgery negligence is usually the doctor’s fault because negligence has no place in surgery and it is seen when a doctor breaches a clearly defined standard of care.

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Here are some of the most common complaints linked to orthopedic surgery lawsuits:

  • Surgery targeting the wrong spine level
  • Hip replacement surgery errors
  • Knee replacement surgery negligence
  • Nerve damage during surgery
  • Surgeons failing to set broken bones properly
  • Surgeons not aligning bones properly in a fracture
  • ACL tear surgery negligence
  • Misinterpreting X-rays, MRIs or CT scans
  • Failure to treat or recognize post-surgery complications
  • Compartment syndrome due to applying a leg or arm cast too tightly
  • Not diagnosing nerve impingement leading to nerve damage
  • Hit nerve during surgery
  • Delayed diagnosis malpractice

Orthopedic negligence may lead to spine damage, blood clots which may end up being fatal, sepsis or blood infection, loss of sensation or function of one or multiple limbs, impaired or decreased mobility, hip joint pain that doesn’t go away, and the need to have corrective surgery or revisions in the future, which shouldn’t happen if the surgery was done right the first time.

Orthopedic Medical Malpractice – Do You Have a Claim?

Medical malpractice usually hinges on certain legal principles or conditions which must be met so your case can have merit. There needs to have existed a doctor-patient relationship to begin with. Next, there needs to have been a standard of care that the orthopedic surgeon adheres to on a regular basis. Third, there needs to have been a breach of this standard of care, thereby leading to you, the patient, suffering injuries for which there needs to be damages, whether economic or non-economic.

Orthopedic Surgery Malpractice Cases – Call For Free Help Today!

Suing orthopedic surgeon isn’t something anyone should take lightly as highly trained physicians will fight such claims vigorously as malpractice of this nature usually means disciplinary action and having their hard-earned medical license taken away. You’ll also have to deal with predatory insurance companies who will prey on your pain and desperation in your darkest hour to get you to agree to a payout which will bar you from filing an orthopedic malpractice claim and lock you out of a substantial payout which had you consulted an orthopedic negligence lawyer could take care of your medical bills, lost wages and so much more for years to come. Don’t speak to the insurance company, and don’t sign anything: call us FIRST at 1 (773) 825-3547 so we can provide you with expert legal help at no cost to you so we can chart a plan of action going forward that will ensure maximum compensation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.