The first thing you need to know about Angelo is that he’s Greek. And very proud of it! He’s been to the land of his forefathers over 12 times and can’t get enough of its history, culture, and food. He loves everything Greek. Well, almost everything. Just don’t mention My Big Fat Greek Wedding to him and you’ll be all set.

Angelo attended Purdue University in Indiana before studying law at Villanova Law School in Philadelphia. While studying, Angelo interned at a prosecutor’s office, but soon discovered he didn’t want to pursue criminal law.

He ended up working as a trial lawyer for insurance companies – the exact opposite of what he does now. Angelo’s unique background comes as a great advantage for our clients. As a former “man on the inside,” he’s aware of all the tricks and strategies that insurance companies use to try to withhold what rightfully belongs to our clients.

Angelo easily sees through these charades and can cut right to the chase, getting our clients exactly what they are owed. He’s wanted to work as an attorney since he was is high school and is truly living the dream, as he loves to argue his position and examine problems from all points of view.

A native of Crown Point, Indiana, Angelo is madly in love with his wife Nina. The pair enjoys traveling together and he even proposed while on vacation in Serbia! They are the proud pet parents to a dog and cat – who they love equally.

When he’s not working, Angelo likes to unwind by smoking a nice cigar, having drinks with friends, or enjoying a new restaurant out in the city. He also loves a good movie and, while he prefers dramas, isn’t ashamed to admit that he enjoys a little Love Actually around Christmastime.

Angelo is also known around the office for being an upbeat, funny, and accessible guy. He’s very good at what he does, but keeps things lighthearted, making him a favorite among staff and clients alike.