OWCP Arthritis Claims – Here’s How You Can Receive Compensation

Federal Workers' Compensation

Osteoarthritis is a painful joint condition which develops over time and can affect the knees, elbows, ankles, hips, neck, spine and wrists. It was once thought that arthritis is a normal part of aging and was due to normal wear and tear and the inability of the body to regenerate spongy tissue between joints keeping them from rubbing against each other, degrading them. However, it has been shown that osteoarthritis can develop after an injury such as a fall, causing one to shift their weight to the other foot, leading to the overuse of that side of the body, resulting in the degradation of cartilage.

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In a recent case heard by OWCP, the board assigned to look over the particulars of a federal worker’s case who alleged that her arthritis was caused by the nature of her job had it remanded for further action after she was sent to numerous doctors to determine if her job description and the resultant activities surrounding the job were indeed the proximate cause of her osteoarthritis. The more than three physicians had differing opinions, with one stating that osteoarthritis is a normal part of aging.

OWCP Attorney Disputes Physicians’ Findings

Her attorney, however, argued that the fact that OWCP and DOL used physicians from one medical services provider was cause for concern and may have swayed the results in OWCP’s favor. The federal workers’ compensation attorney also questioned errors in the medical reports of some of the physicians, as well as the assertion that employment factors only symptomatically exarcebated his client’s osteoarthritis. He finished off his argument with stating that OWCP needed, as with all such injured federal worker cases, to provide burden of proof when it came to denying a claim by an injured federal worker.

Don’t Go Up Against OWCP Alone, Let Us Help!

As you can see from this case, OWCP will fight tooth and nail to not pay injured postal workers and other federal workers their due compensation, and in some cases, may overturn a previous injured federal worker compensation approval upon further medical tests which are periodically carried out. As such, you want to make sure to have excellent legal representation if you’re ever going to make sure that you secure your federal workers’ compensation benefits from the get-go, and have it reinstated after certain milestones.

The lifting, climbing, extensive walking that postal workers do on a daily basis can and will cause the degradation of cartilage; because of this, you are eligible and have every right to receive OWCP compensation as long as you can show through copious medical evidence that your work activities were the direct cause of your injuries as a federal worker. Want to make sense of it all? Call us NOW at 1-855-233-3002 to receive your FREE legal consultation into all things federal workers’ compensation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.