OWCP Arthritis Claims : New Leglislation Means You Qualify

Federal Workers' Compensation

Schedule award is a form of compensation offered to injured federal workers who sustain an injury while on the job. This form of compensation allows you to take care of your medical and personal care needs as you recover, after which you can either return to work or apply for disability retirement if no suitable job position is found that is in line with your injuries, or if your injury was so severe that it is impossible for you to return to work.  Arthritis is a degenerative condition of the cartilage found in-between bones which can cause bone degradation and severe pain over time. Over the years, OWCP hasn’t considered arthritis for compensation explicitly especially if it is precluded by a federal workers’ injury. However, all this is set to change.

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Schedule Award For Arthritis – New Legislation Means You Qualify

Permanent impairment for injured federal workers is usually calculated by referring to an OPM chart which multiplies the body part impairment percentage by a certain work duration or weeks. However, in the past, OWCP claims examiners did not add a degenerative condition such as arthritis caused by wear and tear of joints, tendons and cartilage into this calculation. However, due to the fact that federal workers in certain branches such as USPS spend a lot of time walking to and from their vans to deliver mail on streets across America, many workers may experience accelerated joint degradation. So, for instance, if they trip and fall on an uneven sidewalk and slam into the ground knees first, or ram their knee into the back of the van while getting off it, resulting in an injury, they have every right to get compensated for both this injury and their preexisting arthritis, which in most cases is exacerbated by work factors.

OWCP and Pre-existing Conditions for Injured Federal Workers

The reasoning for the qualification for a higher payout is because the arthritis will result in a much higher impairment level which can be referred to in the OPM handbook or website. Leaving out the preexisting condition would be akin to pretending that it doesn’t exist, and that it doesn’t have a spillover effect on the primary injury, whether it is a knee or an ankle injury.  Essentially, OWCP should accept you as you are at the time of your injury and include any pre-existing condition if it affects the body part which sustained the injury.

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